Who Picks the Appraiser? The lender hires the appraiser, and the fee for the appraisal will be included in the borrower’s closing costs, and outlined in the Good Faith Estimate. Generally, the lender has a relationship with a third-party firm that specializes in performing appraisals, allowing them to quickly assign a qualified appraiser to evaluate the property. Who Does the Appraiser Work For? The appraiser’s client is the lender, not the borrower or seller. Typically, an appraiser works for an appraisal firm or they may be self-employed. Either way, they appraiser is not generally affiliated with the lending institution, and therefore they are an independent and objective professional. You may wonder, “If I pay the appraisal fee, doesn’t the appraiser work for me?” This is a common misconception. Even through the buyer pays the fee for the appraisal service, the appraiser works on behalf of lender, not the borrower or seller. The appraiser is not employed by the borrower, and is not influenced by the borrower or seller in preparing an opinion as to the value of the property.